Fathoms Rising


Jason Brooks is an Austin,Texas based artist working primarily as an oil painter. Since 1992, he has also been working professionally as an accomplished tattoo artist, developing his own unique style of contemporary tattooing, being recognized worldwide. In 2011, Brooks became the first living tattoo artist to have a solo museum exhibition, held at Dallas Contemporary. Since 2011, he has shifted his focus to painting, and has amassed a prolific body of work.

Brooks makes paintings using forms indicating that of a gorilla. The gorilla forms are generally emblematic rather than naturalistic, representing a life that is sensitive, highly intelligent and physically powerful, replacing the human figure, and human condition in a world where people have worn out their welcome. The forms inhabit spaces of exaggerated and human scenarios, against fields of color.

Along with the gorillas, Brooks’ work often includes abstracted formations, mystical beings, and architectural ruins from past civilizations in isolated landscapes, embellishing them to a fantastical state.